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Today 7.5 million people globally are living with dementia and that number is projected to hit 75.6 million by 2030. – World Health Organization, 2016

Roughly one million Americans reside in senior care facilities.1 This number is expected to almost double by 2030.2

From the statistics above, there is no doubt that we need more ALFs in the near future however Low barriers to entry have made it difficult for providers in this industry to retain high profit margins.   The typical barriers to entry for this industry include licensing and regulation, economies of scale for the largest assisted living services providers, and the low cost structure that non-profit ALFs are able to acquire which are not available to for-profit businesses.1

In response to this, we embarked on a project that will reduce the operational cost of an Assisted Living Facility thus increasing the ROI of the business. We ended up building the “Shopify of Assisted Living”, Just like shopify gave EVERYBODY regardless of your technical expertise to effectively run a store online thus powering over 1 million online stores, the Complete Assisted Living Manager Toolkit will allow many managers, engineers, churches, investors with less expertise to efficiently invest and manage an assisted living facility thus meeting the high care demand as projected in 2030.

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